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Or Norme – june 2018 : The Way to Self  p1 & p2

English translation
OrNorme article



STORY – Ecuador, follow his dream, a journey to oneself
by Sandrine Ankaoua on OrNorme website

English translation:
1 Beginning of a dream
2 Shamanic visit 
3 Galapagos
4 Lakes and mountains of the North 


The originals ones

1.The beginning of a dream
2. Shamanic stay, meetings and perspectives
3. The Galapagos: living his “end of the world”
4. The outcome4. L’aboutissement


Report of Ilozen and sophrology : Alsace Morning on France 3 Alsace June 9, 2015


DNA June 12, 2015

English Translation – DNA


Magazine ZUT summer 2015


Interview for the Swiss radio RFI on 28/10/13 : Sophrology … Some questions


L’Ilozen, we talk about it on sur


L’Ilozen we talk about it on


Article Elle et City Strass 2009

English translationElle et City Strass


Article Point Eco 2009

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