Business Organization – after a team building

“What sophrology brought us: First of all, the opportunity to connect with each other in a setting outside the company, to let go together. To apprehend the stress when it rises, to share what we feel outside the professional frames, to accept each other when we are living in a world of “false pretenses”.


BG – individual and group lessons

“I discovered Sophrology through sport during a climbing course in the South. Returning to Strasbourg, I wanted to go further in this direction for both personal and professional reasons. I started with one year of individual sessions, then I went on for three years in a group. Sophrology allowed me to know myself better, to tame and to love my body, to calm my mind and to develop self-esteem and confidence. Today, I draw on sophrology as in a toolbox to unlock the hiccups of existence and I know that when necessary, I can always participate in a course. ”


Marie F. – High School student preparation – individual course

I started taking sophrology classes when I finally realized that I could not manage my stress alone and that it was time to take action. Through the sessions, the sophrology with Mrs. Ankaoua proved to be more than a simple way to put into perspective. Sophrology teaches us to see the world in a new way, to live in the present moment, to develop a state of almost permanent calm, to let go of nervousness, to stop identifying with all the emotions that haunt us permanently. In reality, everyone should practice sophrology or at least adopt a positive philosophy. It is a matter of realizing that we live in a constant state of agitation, far from reality, preoccupied with the past or the future, whereas the only moment that really exists is the present moment. The road to a state of tranquility and permanent happiness is long, and I am far from being there. However, sophrology guides us the necessary tools to live happily. I am grateful to have experienced so much stress for a time, as it gave me the chance to discover a philosophy that allows me today to say thank you to the world. I do not know how to thank Mrs. Ankaoua for this unique experience, which brings me feelings unlike any I have experienced before.


Marie – 23 years – individual lesson

I still remember the end of my first session: a feeling of well-being and immense joy had invaded me. My whole body thanked me, I remember having the feeling that it was saying to me “finally you see me, finally you take care of me!” Because for me the sophrology classes with Sandrine, allowed me to become aware of what was then only a tool that sometimes annoys me. It allowed me to put consciousness in this body, to make it alive in the end. There is still work going on and there will always be, but I am much more sensitive and vigilant in what is going on, from now on. And for that I thank you Sandrine. I learned (or re-learned) to free myself from the mind, to live the moment, I learned to live, to be. These classes made me more confident in myself and in life, more relaxed, less stressed.
And thank you to you Sandrine for your benevolence, your simplicity and your clarity, I immediately felt confident and your courses have brought me changes in depth that make my life easier and more enjoyable!
A.R – 30 years – logistic framework – individual course

A demanding professional life in terms of workload, solicitation and pressure, important changes in my family life, all sprinkled with a rather anxious nature, these are the reasons that led me to push the door of the Ilozen to test and discover sophrology.
The Sophrology allowed me to find moments of calm during the sessions, but also taught me to take a few minutes in my daily life to refocus on myself.
I can now face the obstacles of everyday life with more serenity and confidence in me despite the long way I have to go, sophrology has already brought me much in this last year.


C. – 42 years old – Banking / Insurance Activity Manager – Individual Course

Very rational, I came to sophrology to have some tools against stress and anxiety … and I discovered so much more:
I learned to judge less, not to be constantly in the fight and the battle, I learn to be more flexible, I found the pleasure of breathing and I understood the power of the breath.


Cathy, 43, medical secretary – group lesson
This is my second year of sophrology classes. I am delighted with what it has brought me in my everyday life: more confidence, greater respect for myself and for my body as a whole, more “inner” calm. I can LIVE the present and enjoy it!