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Meditation classes

To allow you to discover several kinds of meditation, I will offer you meditation with silence sitting each time, accompanied by variants: walking meditative, meditation in movement, sound meditation (singing, Tibetan bowl, Hang).



1 hour : 20$



Wednesday 7 p.m 
Session by Sandrine Ankaoua

Wednesday, March 20th










Burn out and sophrology

The Burn out and the SophrologyFirst of sophrology n ° 7 (April 2015): female burnout
“Burnout is a current public health issue, sophrology can have a preventive and curative function when combined with other serious disciplines such as medicine, psychiatry and even clinical psychology. The feminine burnout, often hidden, must also be at the heart of our collective preoccupations: in spite of the evolution of our societies, the woman is still destined to play several roles which are gradually removing her from herself and the install in processes that weaken it. ”

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Some words to meditate

mer méditationOur thoughts are like waves, they flock small or big, slowly or continuously. Observe them and do not fight against them. Then calm reappears like a peaceful ocean.

méditer dans l'effortMeditating in the effort
Even if the summit seems high and the path long, advancing step by step, we can climb mountains and discover another perspective.

Sophrology for teenagers

“Adolescents are individuals in their own right, lively, curious and creative, the practice of sophrology allows them to establish a solid foundation in their personality and to reveal to them all their capacities of evolution and adaptation in a positive vision.

The practice of sophrology certainly allows them to acquire a better self-esteem, to develop their adaptability in the respect of their values, to learn and to master simple tools to better manage all the delicate situations (conflicts, isolation, exams, oral … etc) to find in them the resources and realize all their potential. ”


Manage your emotions with Sophrology

“… More than any other emotion, fear appeals to our muscles and our organs. A good lifestyle and the practice of a sport are strongly recommended. But psychotherapists are unanimous: nothing can replace relaxation techniques. The rise of an emotion leads to an increase in body tension, which in turn stimulates the emotional process. The reverse is also true: the body relaxation promotes mental relaxation, which itself decreases the tension of the body … Sophrology exercises, meditation, breathing can evacuate negative representations and reclaim his body at the moment desired. “When the muscles are released, the fear decreases by half,” confirms Patrick Légeron, psychiatrist and director of the firm Stimulus. Ideal before taking the floor or entering an assessment interview …. ”

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