What is Sophrology

Sophrology was created in the 1960s by Alfonso Caycedo, a Colombian professor of psychiatry and neurology. Sophrology is defined as the « study of consciousness in harmony » and involves reinforcing the connection between the body and the mind.

This method was inspired by eastern philosophies, such as Buddhism, Zen meditation, yoga, phenomenology philosophy, physiology and psychology.


Sophrology leads to self-knowledge, wellbeing, the development of our own capacities and the (re)connection with the aspirational aspects of our being.

Via this practice, one can discover how the integration of mind, body and spirit allow us to experience our fundamental connection with the rest of the Universe.


Sophrology is much more than a stress management and positive thought method.
Employing the spiritual, psychological and physiological parts of this practice, we can go further in our conscious awareness. Sophrology brings together the micro and macro aspects of our being and existence in the living universe. It allows us to connect our individuality as humans with the larger ground of being and the unfolding of the universe.

Sophrology lets us discover the importance of core life principles and how to let them shine in our life.


The first part of Sophrology practice involves a physical element that includes gentle body movements and exercises to allow for true mind-body awareness. It teaches you to become more aware of your body and mind in the present moment: what we feel, where we are and how our body, mind and emotions are connected.

Positive visualization works on our physiology and mind. It’s used to transform our very cellular structure.

It allows us to move forward and look at things from a different perspective.


Once body and mind are connected, we can then move forward into the aspirational aspects of our being and the practice becomes more meditative.


Sophrology is designed for both adults and children. It’s used in healthcare, teaching, and sports. It can be practiced in both personal and professional arenas.

It is recommended for stress, sleeping issues, phobias, depression, burn out, pain relief, public speaking, exam preparation, sports competition, childbirth, life transition and much more.

In business organizations, it is used for team building, goal-achievement and stress management.


Sophrology allows one to live in the present moment, it provides perspective regarding every day life situations, as well as improving self-confidence, concentration, positive attitude and a work/life balance.


Playful Sophrology®

The first two Colombian students of Prof Caycedo developed Playful Sophrology, based on the original form of Sophrology. At that time they worked with street children and had to find a way to help them develop a consciousness of life values and respect for themselves.
Playful Sophrology uses body experience via movement, verticality, rootedness, walking, letting go, games, relationship, creativity, consciousness, happiness, concentration, autonomy, group dynamic and respect for the frame.

Sophrology can be discovered by making the experience of it. It integrates and transforms us into the experimenting day after day … ..