Symbolizes the hand that receives and gives, the creative power, the power, the seed.
It is to plant the seed of knowledge, of the divine in itself to allow it to bloom and transmit in turn.


Symbol of fertility, adaptation, femininity, depth, our feminine and spiritual part.
The fish evolving in the aquatic depths.
Dancing Noun, connects us to our feminine strength, to our intimacy, to our deep quest for the truth.


Symbolise le 3ème oeil, l’oeil relié à la source, la lucidité, le discernement, le regard intérieur. Relié à l’organe du foie.
Danser le Ayin, nous invite à retourner à notre intuition, à notre source intérieure, mais la source en toute chose pour avoir un oeil objectif, qui discerne.


Symbolizes the tooth, the fire, the movement, the mutation of matter into spiritual energy, vital force.Related to the sacrum.Bring the Shin, allows us to transform our experiences, our knowledge, to grow, to ripen, to rise (spiritually).


Tehima Dance linked to the harmony of oneself, of nature and the Universe 


Workshop Painting and Spirituality at Vezelay (France) with Frédérique Lemarchand
Introduction at Tehima Dance


Symbolizes the breath, the man praying, walking towards himself, anchored, connecting earth and sky.
Linked to the right foot.


Symbolizes water, femininity, gestation, the matrix, the interior life.
Linked to the belly.


Shin represents the mutation of matter into spiritual energy, the life force

Music by Yves Mesnil