What is Tehima dance ?

TEHIMA, harmony in Hebrew, is a set of 22 movements which are related to Kabbalistic symbolism, calligraphy and the dynamics of the letter.

The choreographies of the 22 movements put in place by Tina Bosi take into account this microcosmic and macrocosmic relationship.

TEHIMA stimulates via spiral movements the sliding of the body tissues (which are the container of each organ), each muscle and each gland. The movement of each letter works on the anchoring, the elongation and the breathing of the tissues by giving an intention, kavanah in Hebrew, in the part of the body that symbolizes the letter. Thus, consciousness is brought into the body so as to unfold outward. When the containers (muscles, bones, ligaments, membranes) lengthen and relax, the organs and glands find a fuller physiological movement and a good functioning. The organism reacts as a whole and for all body activities it is the spinal cord that plays a central connecting role.

Each Hebrew letter also corresponds to a vertebra. TEHIMA stimulates each part of the spine and acts on the deep muscles of the spine. The points of support of this gesture, the position of the limbs and the work of the ribcage stimulate the whole bone structure.

The stretching of each TEHIMA’s movement is accompanied by a respiratory movement targeting the area in which the anatomical part of the letter is inscribed. Nospace forgets to breathe.

By expressing through the body the psychic qualities of each letter, TEHIMA works on all these muscle chains and readjusts the body diagram.

Main concepts by Tina Bosi